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ZG-936 Wheel loader

Series: Wheel Loader 
Working Condition: Heavy- Duty

1. Hydraulic transmission technology, fission bivariant, dead axle type power shift gearbox. 
2. The full hydraulic steering system.
3. The air-over-oil energy assisted braking system , caliper disc brake. 
4. Equipped with automatic positioning flat performance  working device. 
5. Bucket hinge joint  parts adopt double dustproof sealed lubrication structure, which p lengthen the maintenance. 
6. New luxurious cab. 
7. Enhanced bucket, with binder dent,   longer service life. Overlength wheelbase, hydraulic guide,  double rocker, fission gearbox, widen the aggravating bridge, luxurious cab,  luxurious upholstery, with work timekeeping, full electronic instrument panel.

Rated capacity 1.27
Rated Weight 3100
Dump Height 3500
Dump Reach 1150
Boom Raise Time 8
Max. Running Speed 29
Max. Grade Ability 29
Steering Angel 35
Min. Ground Clearance 370
Wheel Base 2900
Tread 1630
Engine Model 4108pressure
Engine Power 80
Tyre Size 16-70-24
Boundary Dimension 6880×2200×3020
Rated capacity 5590
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