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     Shandong Lute Machinery Co., Ltd is a famous enterprise producing engineering machinery and building machinery and caterpillar excavator. The company has specialized in the production of series loaders including ZL30, ZL20, ZL18, ZL16, ZL15, ZL12, ZL10, ZL30, and ZL08. The company also produces loaders including ZL16 forklift, ZL18 mine loader, and F15 coated and uncoated, manual or electric tip lorries.

     Our company has several professional engineers developing new Zhugong loaders based on advanced international and domestic practices. The product apply machinery belt-changing box driven by four engines, which is the unique in the country. The machine is easy to operate and steady for use, which reduces maintenance rate by 40%, and increase work efficiency by 20%.

     Our company chooses reliable famous cooperation parts for machinery and building products. The production, test and experiment are implemented according to standard. With reasonable design, advanced performance and steady quality, the product is in the leading place of similar products, which is regarded as company with reputation.

    In accordance with the principle quality first and user first, we do our best to offer excellent products and services to clients. Welcome to our company for investigation and guidance.